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Hanbon Folding Bag mirror double open end wrench set 543108

  • Hanbang 8 pieces professional-grade suit mirror open-end wrench set
  • Number of open-end wrenches (set): 8
  • Color style: White mirror polished

Hanbon Folding Bag mirror double ring wrench set 553108

  • Number of Double-ring Wrenches (Piece Set): 8
  • Sizes: 6-24mm
  • Color: White mirror polished

Hanbon Torque wrench 462300

  • Brand: Hanbon
  • Tool: Torque wrench
  • Model: 462300
  • Type: 60-300 N.M

Ingco 1/2″ Air Ratchet Wrench ARW121

  • Front Exhaust
  • Square Drive: 1/2″
  • Capacity Bolt Size:1/2″(13mm)
  • Free Speed RPM:160
  • Max. Torque :50Ft-Lb(68N.M)
  • Air Inlet (NPT): 1/4″
  • Air Hose(ID) : 3/8″
  • Air Cons:3cfm(85.5/min)
  • Packed in color box

Ingco 8 Pcs T-handle ball point hex wrench set HHKT8082

  • 8 Pcs T-handle ball point hex wrench set
  • Unique design
  • New Handle, Size : 2X75,2.5X75,3X100,4X100,5X150,6X150,8X200,10X200
  • Material: Cr-V

Ingco 8 Pcs T-handle hex wrench set HHKT8081

  • Forged from highest quality Chrome Vanadium steel, hardened, tempered. Heat treatment and chrome plate.
  • Easy to handle. T- handle gives extra torque power.
  • Main Material – CR-V T-handle Hex Wrench, Size - 2X75, 2.5X75, 3X100, 4X100, 5X150, 6X150, 8X200, 10X200
  • Ideal for ergonomic design to ease gripping and handling.
  • Package Included: 1 x 8Pcs T-handle Hex Wrench Set

Ingco 8 Pcs T-handle Torx: wrench set HHKT8083

  • 8 Pcs T-handle Torx wrench set
  • Unique design
  • New Handle Size : T10X75,T15X75,T20X100,T25X100,T30X150,T40X150,T45X200,T50X200
  • Material: Cr-V

Ingco Adjustable wrench HADW131108

  • Type: industrial
  • Length:250mm(10"),CrV
  • Adjustable clamp size:0-35mm
  • INGCO style two-tone soft handle

Ingco Adjustable wrench HADW131128

  • Type: industrial
  • Length:300mm(12"),CrV
  • Adjustable clamp size:0-41mm
  • INGCO style two-tone soft handle

Ingco Bent wrench HBWS110808

  • Premium quality home utility wrench tools for lifetime use.
  • Universal wrenches for all nuts and bolts. Automatically fits to the size and shape of nuts and bolts
  • Instant solution to your problems with taps, valves, pipes and piping, radiators boilers, wheels, etc.
  • Suitable for pipes, spiral pipes and nuts and other fasteners links, quick release clamping and don't slip.

Ingco Impact wrench IW10508

  • Voltage:220-240v~50/60Hz
  • Input power:1050W
  • No-load speed:2300rpm
  • Max.torque:550N.M
  • Square drive:1/2"
  • Aluminum gear box with rubber With 6pcs sockets(17,18,19,21,23,24mm)
  • With 1 pcs 125mm adaptor
  • Packed by BMC