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1000 pcs of staples (for INGCO HSG1404 / HSG1405) Size: 12mm width: 1.2mm Packed by color box

Item type: Stationary accessories Ingco stapler pins 1000 pins Size: 10*11.3*1.12 mm Model: STS0210

DeWalt Concrete Nailer 18V DCN890P2

? A fully charged single battery will drive up to 600 shots or 245 meters of drywall track (n??ls spaced at40cm apart) ? Three power levels to optimize the nailer for a variety of nail lengths and base material types. ? Single or rapid mode selector for faster work completion

DeWalt Wood Nailer 18V DCN660D2

? Compact, lightweight and ergonomic design makes the tool easy and comfortable to use but durable enough for worksile environment. ? Sequential mode allows for precision placement and the bump operating mode provides the user with production speed of up to 4 nails per second

Ingco Staples STS0108

  • Model: STS0108
  • 1000pcs saples (for INGCO HSG1403)
  • size: 8mm
  • width: 0.7mm

Ingco Staples STS0110

  • Staple size -10mm.
  • Staple outer width - 11.3mm.
  • Staple diameter - 0.7mm.
  • Package includes: 1000 x Staple Pins (1box)

Ingco Staples STS0112

  • 1000pcs staples(for HSG1403)
  • Size:12mm
  • width:0.7mm

Ingco Staples STS0208

  • 1000pcs staples(for HSG1404/HSG1405)
  • size:8mm
  • width:1.2mm